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Choosing the Right Edging and Pad for Your Area Rug

Whether it’s a recently purchased carpet roll, scrap from an existing project, cutting an existing carpet down and re-sized, or a newly purchased area rug with custom sizes; it’s important to finish the edges to ensure there is no fraying or unraveling. You’ll also want to put something under the area rug to prevent any damage to your already existing floor and the area rug itself. The most common options are listed below. Please don’t hesitate to call us for further information if this is relevant to your project

Why Choose an Area Rug

With help from state of the art updates in area rug production, the numerous aspects and accents that an area rug can offer to a room are in effect inexhaustible. It's intriguing how such common accessory can bestow such an affecting accent to the room, allowing it to come alive. Whether it's an elegant floral pattern under the coffee table, a solid oblong in the family room, or a geometric runner in the hall, the rug can completely make the room. Area rugs are also the easiest form of flooring to ""install."" If you decide to make changes in your decor, the area rug can be picked up and moved any time you desire!

Choosing A Rug

An area rug can brighten any room in the house, adding immediate color and style. When you shop, you’ll find many shapes and sizes, patterns and prices. There are lots of choices—but we can help you with a few tips on what to look for.

Care & Maintenance of Area an Rug

Taking care of your area rug is straightforward and not at all difficult. Just vacuum regularly, blot spills, and clean occasionally with the hot-water extraction method—and that spectacular area rug beauty will be maintained over the years.

Downloadable Rug Maintenance Guides

Rhody Rug Care & Maintenance Guide
Surya Rug Care Guide

Designed In Style: Sanctuary

With a soft, subtle beauty that focuses on comfort and simplicity, Sanctuary is part of the five design themes tailored to the five colors of WHISPER, Shaw Floors’ 2019 Color of the Year palette.

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